Games will be hosted on October 9-11, 2015

Tournament Directors:
Gary Haning / Dan Hay

Surf City Tourneys

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If this is the first time you have registered your team with us, then you need to create an account before you can sign up for a tournament. Just click the "New Team" or New Recruiter" button and fill out the form. The Surf City Bot will email your logon info to you.

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If you have previously registered your team on the Surf City site, under one of our other Surf City Tournaments, you do not need to re-register your team again.  Simply click on the Red "Find My Team" button above.  Then go to your Team Page and click the Red "Tournament" button at the top of your Team Page to register for all of our future Surf City Tournaments.  You will also find hotel information listed on your team page as well as clicking the above yellow tab.


If you are a new team to our Surf City site then you may Register your team to our site by clicking on the above Red "New Team" Button.  After you register, you must wait for our website to email you your userid and password.   Once you have received your userid and password you may now logon as though you are a previously registered team by clicking the Red "Find My Team" button above.  This will take you to your Team Page where you may enter all of your teams important information. You may then register for any Surf City Tournament on this page by clicking on the Red "Tournament "Button at the top of this page. 

Once you have chosen what tournaments that you would like to enter, you have two ( 2 ) weeks to download/print the form and submit payment or you may be dropped from the registration process and be required to start over. 

Refund Policy: (Revised April 1, 2011)

>If you enter* and the entire tournament is cancelled due to rain or some other unforseen event, we will issue you a refund by check. One-half (1/2) of your paid entry fee may be refunded.  The other one-half(1/2) of your paid entry fee will be non-refundable, due to pre-tournament incurred expenses.  The non-refundable amount may increase at the sole descretion of the tournament directors, depending upon incurred costs for that tournament.

> If you withdraw from the tournament for any reason, after the schedule has been posted on the Surf City web site, your fees will be totally nonrefundable."

>If it is necessary to suspend a tournament, after you have played your first game, due to weather or some other unforeseen event, you will be credited for your games that you did not begin, minus $250.00.  Your remaining credit will be refunded by check.  The $250.00 amount may increase at the sole descretion of the tournament directors, depending upon incurred costs for that tournament.

*enter -  to register and send in an entry form with a check or credit card payment

**Exception #1: If you enter but we cannot fit your team into the tournament you can receive a refund, by check, for the total amount you paid or, upon tournament director approval, you may apply the total amount to another tournament within that calendar year. Note:  We now make it a practice to not carryover entry fees from one tournament to another.  It creates a record keeping nightmare.  However, some special circumstances may apply.

**Exception #2: Per our accountant, any amounts owed to a team must be refunded, if not applied to another current year tournament, by the end of each calendar year.  We cannot carryover credits from one year to the next. 

Click Traveling Teams' logo
For hotel selection

**** Upon acceptance to the tournament, all out of town teams must reserve their rooms through Traveling Teams and stay in a Surf City Tourneys approved property, at the tournament rates, or your team will be subject to a $500 housing buyout fee. There is a mandatory 8 room minimum per team (not organization), per night, during the teams stay for tournament play. Once the team is eliminated from tournament play the 8 room minimum requirement will be lifted ****

Do not book your Hotel through any other travel agent. In order to get the special tournament rates you must click their Logo on the left.

Any team that falls under the 8 room minimum per night during their stay for the tournament will be subject to a pro-rated hotel buyout fee.

**** Each team is required to make Hotel Reservations with one of the Surf City Tourneys Hotel sponsors listed on the tournament site. Failure to use tournament hotels will jeopardize your team's participation in future events ****



You may create and update your player profiles, for the tournament College Book at anytime, by logging onto your team page, then clicking on the red button "Edit Players".  Each college in attendance will receive a detailed profile booklet of all the teams registered in this tournament.  The college coaches will also have full access to your team profiles online, before and after the tournament.  It is important that you update your team profiles when needed.  Once the deadline has passed, your changes will not be entered in the printed book but will be available for online viewing only. 


College Coach Registration/RSVP


Surf City Tourneys is proud to welcome the College Recruiters to our Showcase Tournaments, Camps & Clinics.  We provide first-class Showcase Events throughout the year to assist you with your recruiting needs.  We hope you take advantage of our convenient scouting areas, and discounted College Coach Hotel Rates.  We are only 10 minutes from John Wayne/Orange County Airport & 35 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport


You will receive a Showcase Book with player profiles once you arrive to the tournament.  Pre-Scout the tournament with our Online Player Profiles via our secure database online.  You must be registered with the event to receive event documents at the Check-in tent, such as the Showcase Player Profile Book, to receive advance Tournament Information, and to take advantage of the College Coach Hotel discounts and Online Player Profiles.


Register your College

If you are a previously registered 2006-2007recruiter to our site then please click on the above Red "I'm a Recruiter" button.  This will take you to your personalized college team page on the Surf City site.  If this is your first time to our site, you may register your college by clicking on the above Red “New Recruiter” button. Once you have registered you will be sent, via email, a userID and password.  Your userID and password will not be activated until a Tournament Director verifies your credentials.  Once this has been done you will be added to the list of attending College Recruiter’s and have complete access to the Tournament Website. 


Online Team Rosters/Player Profiles

Logon to your personalized college team page.  Click on the box, in the upper left corner of your page, labeled “Team Rosters-Select Tournament”.  Select the Tournament and Division you are interested in.  You will be provided with complete player profiles of participating teams of interest.  


Special Note:  The players would like to know a little about your softball programs too!  When you initially register your team please list your College Softball URL or web address.  Players will then be able to enter our tournament "college recruiter" page and click on your school. The players and coaches will then have access to your official College Softball Team website. 


College Recruiter Hotel List

We ask you to please use our sponsored Tournament Hotels. Please keep in mind that the Hotels that are providing College Coach discount rates are also the Hotels that have provided rooms to the teams.  Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to the Tournament date to confirm Discounted Rates.  Once you logon to your personalized college team page, you will have access to our complete list of Hotels.  Simply find the appropriate tournament, in the bottom right corner of your team page, that you are attending and click the phrase “click here to Select Hotel”.

Use this link to see the list of availiable fields that you will be playing.

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