Approved Teams

Team State
Bat Company Ackerman OR
Lady Wolf Pack Gold-Alkire CA
OC Batbusters 18u Lara CA
Pacific Coast Predators CA
Washington Ladyhawks Miller Gold WA

Approved Teams

Team State
Bat Company OR
OC Batbusters 16u Lara/Portesi CA

Approved Teams

Team State
Athletics-Mercado/Carroll CA
Bat Company Thiry OR
California Grapettes 06 McNair CA

Approved Teams

No teams to display


Pending Teams

Team Age State
Arizona Storm Kaff 08 12U AZ
So Cal Choppers Fausett 12U 12U CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 13U 14U CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 14U 14U CA
Socal Choppers-Tiumalu 14U CA
sundodgers 14U WA
AASA Merrida/Ayala 16u 16U CA
American Pastime Gold Velasquez 16U CA
Arizona Storm - Todd 16U AZ
Athletics-Mercado/ Greg-Tidd 16U CA
Foothill Gold '05 16U CA
Lady Hustle 16U-Mayer 16U CA
Las Vegas Rage-Pedersen 16U NV
NW Vandals - Scott 16U OR
Ohana Tigers Herrera 16U CA
Ohana Tigers Peralta/Garcia 16U CA
Oregon Rebels Hendrickson 16U OR
Punishers 16U AZ
So Cal Athletics Eastburn Higareda 2024 16U CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 16U 16U CA
Sundodgers 16U WA
USA Premier 16U CA
AASA-Merrida 18U CA
Artesia Punishers LV 18 18U NV
Athletics Mercado Magorian 18U CA
Ca Cruisers 18 Gold 18U CA
E1 Prospects Dena 18U CA
E1 Prospects Gaeta 18U CA
Explosion Berouty Premier 18U CA
Explosion Jackson/Lahners 18U CA
Irvine Sting 18U CA
KB Fastpitch 18u 18U WA
Lil Rebels Paiva 18U NV
L'il Saints Gold 18U AZ
LV Blast 18 18U NV
NorCal Choppers Kiko/Stone 18u 18U CA
NW Batbusters - Seek 18U WA
NW Speed 18U WA
Ohana Tigers Herrera 18U CA
PNW Force 18Gold - Taylor-Sparks 18U WA
Rebels-Smith 18U CA
Semper Fi Bulldogs - Lucero 18U CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 18U 18U CA
Strike Force Jensen 18U CA
USA Athletics 18 Gold 18U CA
USA Phenom Valentino 18U CA
Voodoo 18U Gold- Rhinehart 18U WA

Teams book flights and hotels at their own risk! Please understand that there are a number of factors that determine which teams are selected for the tournaments. Especially the Summer Showcase, October Showcase and Early Thanksgiving Showcase. If you are an APPROVED team you are entered in the tournament. Pending means PENDING and does not guarantee your team entry into the tournament, even though you have paid the entry fee. While early entry is advised and will normally gain your team entry into the tournaments, it is NOT a guarantee. Your placement in a tournament is affected by when you enter, your ESTABLISHED history, your participation in our events, and in some cases your home region and/or state. In no particular order. 

No team will be considered for entry until you pay the entry fee. If you are not approved to play in a respective event you will receive a full refund the week following the conclusion of the tournament. Our REFUND POLICY may be found on the Surf City Home page under the 'Sign up" tab, then click on "Registration Policies"