Approved Teams

Team State
18U Corona Angels Howard CA
AASA Macias 18 CA
AASA-Merrida CA
Absolute Blast 18G Dailey WA
American Athletics-Peterson/Flexser CA
Arizona Storm Mathis AZ
Arizona Suncats 18U AZ
Artesia Punishers LV 18 NV
Artesia Punishers- Medina CA
Artesia Punishers- Medina 2 CA
Athletics Mercado CA
AZ Suncats-Sgambati AZ
Bakersfield Babes-Harless CA
Batbusters Konis 18U CA
Bat Company Ackerman OR
Breakers Labs 18u - Bobby CA
Cal Cruisers CA
Cal Cruisers-Sievers/Garcia CA
California Grapettes - Kapp CA
California Thunder CA
Cal Nuggets 18U Woods CA
Cal Panthers Forseen CA
Cal Panthers Premier CA
Cal Rebels-Vidal CA
Corona Angels Slye CA
Corona Angels (TYSON) CA
Dirtdogs Gorton CA
Easton Elite - Ludlow CA
EC Bullets CA 18U Gold CA
Explosion Jackson CA
Firecrackers IV-Steiner CA
Firecrackers Leles CA
Firecrackers/Marez CA
Firecrackers Noto AZ
Foothill Gold 18u Beijer CA
Fresno Force Pruneda CA
Irvine Sting CA
Lady Magic - Munoz CA
Lady Sharks Barrera CA
Lady Wolfpack Gold-Alkire CA
Lil Rebels Gordie NV
Lil Rebels RC NV
Locomotion CA
Miken Elite Gold CA
Monarchs 18 Gold CA
Mountain West Fastpitch UT
Nemesis Elite 18u Gold CA
NM Suncats 18u-Gandert NM
Norcal Firecrackers Miller/Baisdon CA
NW Batbusters - Seek WA
NW Bullets Campbell OR
OC Batbusters-Bennett CA
OC Batbusters Gresham CA
OC Batbusters - Stith CA
OC Batbusters Stith - Maroon CA
OC Strikeforce - Bustamante CA
Ohana Tigers 18u Gold CA
Ohana Tigers Herrera CA
Pacific Coast Predators CA
Panthers Gold CA
Power Fastpitch CA
So Cal 3D 18U Colon CA
SoCal A's Jendro Premier CA
So Cal Athletics Briggs CA
So Cal Athletics Garcia CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis 18u Gold CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Wilson CA
So Cal Athletics - McCarthy CA
SoCal Athletics Medina/ADC CA
So Cal Athletics Richardson CA
So Cal Athletics Sanchez/Younger CA
SoCal Breakers 18U Gold Beddow/Wright CA
So Cal Choppers- Chavez 18U CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 18U CA
So Cal Dynasty Lilly CA
So Cal Pumas 18 CA
Socerer Old Skool CA
Sorcerer 18G - Williams CA
Sorcerer Gabales 18u CA
Stiggy’s NV
Strike Force Jensen CA
Suncats Jimenez CA
Team Freeman 18u CA
USA Phenom Valentino CA
Utah Fastpitch Club-Kemp UT
Voodoo Rhinehart WA
Wa Acers Gold Anderton WA
Washington Ladyhawks 18 Hirai WA
Washington Ladyhawks Gold Miller WA

Approved Teams

Team State
16U AASA Merrida/Bryson CA
16U Corona Angels Howard CA
16U Explosion Flores CA
16u Firecrackers WA - Lott WA
AASA Ayala 2022 CA
American Athletics Peterson CA
Arizona Storm Mathis / Leyvas AZ
Arizona Storm Todd-Chouinard AZ
Arizona Suncats 16U AZ
Artesia Punishers - Alvarez CA
Athletics Mercado - Caroll 2K3's CA
Athletics-Mercado/ Greg CA
Athletics/Mercado-Nalley CA
AZ Bombers Williams AZ
AZ Sidewinders AZ
Bases Loaded Elite Softball 16U - Pagan NV
Bat Company Benson OR
Bownet-Peek/Menefee CA
Breakers Labs 16U Black Vega CA
Breakers Labs 16U Blue - Searls - Vogel CA
California Breeze 16U Birch CA
California Cruisers 16U Premier/Watson CA
California Cruisers Caouette CA
Cal Nuggets Woods 16U CA
CCA Gomez CA
Central CA Dirtdogs-Pickering CA
Clutch Up Softball Academy 16u CA
Corona Angels (Edwards) CA
Corona Angels Felton Tyson Slye CA
Corona Angels Slye CA
Corona Angels (TYSON) CA
Diamonds 16U CA
EC Bullets CA Hernandez CA
Firecrackers Brashear Venegas 2022 CA
Firecrackers Kimura/Callison CA
Firecrackers TJ 16U CA
Firecrackers Wallace CA
Lady Magic-Jaquez CA
Lady Sharks Burley CA
Lady Wolfpack CA
Lakewood Hustlers 16U CA
Lil Rebels - Vern NV
LTG 2022 Carda/Seva CA
LTG Lions-Carda CA
Manitoba Elite MB
Monarchs 16 Futures CA
Monarchs 16 Gold CA
Nor Cal Blast Agosti CA
Nor Cal Blast Rianda CA
NW Bullets - Duman OR
NW Bullets -- Hendrickson OR
OC Batbusters Lara/Portesi CA
OC Batbusters Lastrapes CA
OC Batbusters McNee CA
Ohana Tigers - 16U Gold CA
Ohana Tigers Herrera/Helms CA
Ohana Tigers Holloway/Contreras CA
Ohana Tigers - Indian CA
Oregon Blaze 16 Gold OR
SacHitterz 16u Abar CA
Santa Ana Xtreme CA
SCA's Marinakis/Trapse Black CA
SCA's Marinakis/Trapse Gray CA
So Cal Athletics Berouty Premier CA
So Cal Athletics Briggs 16u CA
So Cal Athletics Jendro/Stancil CA
So Cal Athletics Jendro/Wayne CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakas-Jaquish CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis CA
So Cal Athletics - Marinakis/Hawley 16u CA
So Cal Athletics Medina/ADC 2021 CA
So Cal Athletics Squires 16U CA
SoCal Athletics Weekes/Rivera CA
So Cal Choppers 16U CA
So Cal Choppers-Gsakill/Fausett CA
SoCal Choppers Keith 16u AZ
So Cal Mavericks 16U CA
SOC Storm Perez/Ward CA
Sorcerer Kiko/Stone 16u CA
Sorcerer Rodriguez CA
Spokane Sliders WA
Suncats Jimenez CA
Tucson Royals 03 AZ
USA Elite Zepeda/Gray CA
Utah Heat Fastpitch - Carpenter UT
Victory USA-Red CA
WA Acers 16U Gold Anderton WA

Approved Teams

Team State
805 Elite 14u - Martinez/Ruelas CA
AASA Augusto CA
American Pastime 2023 CA
Arizona Storm Putz AZ
Athletics Mercado 2023 CA
Athletics Mercado/Cook CA
Athletics Mercado Tidd CA
AZ Ramblers Brun AZ
AZ Sidewinders Romero AZ
Bat Company Thiry OR
Breakers Labs 14U Black Carter/Hill CA
Breakers Labs 14u Blue - AJ CA
CA Breeze 2023 CA
California Cruisers Caouette/Lowry CA
California Gold - Fields CA
California Thunder - Gutierrez '05 CA
Cal Nuggets 14U Gold CA
Cal Nuggets 14U Woods CA
Cal Panthers Premier 2023 CA
Cen Cal Dirtdogs-Close CA
Corona Angels Carter/Carter CA
Corona Angels Mauga Blue CA
Corona Angels Mauga-Red CA
Corona Angels Moreno CA
Diamonds 14U CA
EC Bullets-Delamater CA
Explosion Flores Young 14u CA
Explosion SA 2023 CA
Firecrackers Brashear/McDonald CA
Firecrackers CC Garza CA
grapettes gann/kapp 14u CA
Lakewood Hustlers Miramontes CA
Lil Rebels Jeff NV
Lil Rebels RC/Marshall NV
LTG Lions - Henderson Lively CA
NW Bullets - Campos/Dawson OR
Ohana Tigers Estrada/Todoroki CA
Ohana Tigers - Indian 05 CA
So Cal Athletics 14U Medina CA
So Cal Choppers 14U CA
Sorcerer-Schroll 14u CA
Suncats Jimenez 2023 CA
Suncats Jimenez 2024 CA
USA Athletics Gonzales / Ramirez CA
USA Athletics Rogers/Mathis CA
Victory USA-Blue CA

Approved Teams

No teams to display


Pending Teams

Team State Age
Aldrete 16U CA
All-American Mizuno Ruck CA
American Athletics-Peterson CA
American Pastime GOLD 16u Velasquez/Farnworth CA
Arizona Suncats 14U AZ
Arizona Suncats 16U AZ
Arizona Suncats 18U AZ
Artesia Punishers LV18 NV
Athletics Mercado Cook 2023 CA
Athletics Mercado/Magorian CA
Batbusters Konis 18U CA
Batbusters-Nelson UT
Cen Cal Fury CA
E1 Prospects Juarez CA
Explosion Hilliard 2023 CA
Firecrackers05Garcia CA
Firecrackers TJ CA
Foothill Gold - Beijer CA
Miken Elite Gold CA
Norcal Blitz CA
Nor Cal Storm Kaluza/Hampton CA
Ohana Tigers - Indian 06 CA
So Cal Athletics Limo CA
So cal Dynasty lilly CA
Stike Force Jensen/Guillen CA
Top 9 Sports - 14U CA
Universal Fastpitch 2023 Faulstich CA
Universal Wells CA
Utah Heat Fastpitch- UT
Utah Thunder UT
Washington Xtreme 14u-Allen WA

Teams book flights and hotels at their own risk! Please understand that there are a number of factors that determine which teams are selected for the tournaments. Especially the Summer Showcase, October Showcase and Early Thanksgiving Showcase. If you are an APPROVED team you are entered in the tournament. Pending means PENDING and does not guarantee your team entry into the tournament, even though you have paid the entry fee. While early entry is advised and will normally gain your team entry into the tournaments, it is NOT a guarantee. Your placement in a tournament is affected by when you enter, your ESTABLISHED history, your participation in our events, and in some cases your home region and/or state. In no particular order.

No team will be considered for entry until you pay the entry fee. If you are not approved to play in a respective event you will receive a full refund the week following the conclusion of the tournament. Our REFUND POLICY may be found on the Surf City Home page under the 'Sign up" tab, then click on "Registration Policies"