Teams book flights and hotels at their own risk! Please understand that there are a number of factors that determine which teams are selected for the tournaments. Especially the Summer Showcase, October Showcase and Early Thanksgiving Showcase. If you are an APPROVED team you are entered in the tournament. Pending means PENDING and does not guarantee your team entry into the tournament, even though you have paid the entry fee. While early entry is advised and will normally gain your team entry into the tournaments, it is NOT a guarantee. Your placement in a tournament is affected by when you enter, your ESTABLISHED history, your participation in our events, and in some cases your home region and/or state. In no particular order.

No team will be considered for entry until you pay the entry fee. If you are not approved to play in a respective event you will receive a full refund the week following the conclusion of the tournament. Our REFUND POLICY may be found on the Surf City Home page under the 'Sign up" tab, then click on "Registration Policies"


Approved Teams

Title State
18U Corona Angels Howard CA
18u Storm Perez/Ward CA
510 Pride Elite CA
Absolute Blast 18u Dailey WA
All American Mizuno Gold Jackson CA
American Pastime Gold Lindsay CA
Artesia Punishers- Medina CA
Athletics Mercado SD 18U Gold AJ CA
Cal A's Iseri CA
California Thunder CA
California Waves CA
CenCal United CA
Dirtdogs 18u Gold CA
E1 Prospects Gaeta CA
Empire - Chavez CA
Explosion GOLD 18U Denio/Hagberg CA
Explosion Lee Walker/ Torres CA
Explosion Schimmel 18u CA
Firecrackers Az Erickson 18u AZ
Firecrackers North CA
I-5 Softball 18u CA
Kryptonite UT
Lady Dukes CA Watson 18u Gold CA
Lady Sharks 18u Formosa CA
Las Vegas Rage 18U NV
Lil Rebels Gordie NV
Lil Rebels - Kevin NV
LTG 18G Henderson CA
LTG Carda/Ayala 18G CA
LV Blast NV
MCLV Elite 18u Jarvis NV
Mizuno Diamond Girls CA
Monarchs 18U Gold CA
Nemesis Elite CA
Nevada Impact-BW NV
Nor Cal Blast Rianda CA
NorCal Choppers Kiko/Stone CA
Norcal Firecrackers Everett/Parry CA
Northwest Athletics ID
NW Vandals - Scott OR
OC Batbusters 18u Black CA
OC Batbusters 18u Lara CA
OC Batbusters Lastrapes CA
Ohana Tigers Atkinson/Tobola CA
Ohana Tigers Quarles 18U CA
Oregon Blaze 18A (Stout) OR
Oregon Titans 18u OR
Oro Valley SunCats-Holland/Judge AZ
PS33 Academy Archie CA
Salinas Storm 18 Troy CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Jaquish 22 National CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Jaquish Peralta 22 CA
So Cal Athletics Weekes/Rivera CA
SoCal Breakers Beddow/Wright CA
So Cal Choppers Ashley CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 18U CA
So Cal Choppers VC CA
SWAT Fastpitch WA
Team Idaho Dirtdogs ID
Team TFS National BASTIAN NV
Universal Fastpitch - GOLD CA
USA Phenom Valentino CA
USA Premier Zepeda 18U CA
Utah Fastpitch Club-Kemp UT
Utah Fastpitch Korth UT
WA Acers 18u Gold Anderton WA
Wildcats-Weil 18u CA

Approved Teams

Team State
16u Cheetahs-Coronado IL
16U Corona Angels Howard CA
16U Explosion Flores Black CA
AASA Carrillo/Perez CA
AASA Escobar/Allen 16U CA
AASA Nelson/Mortimer CA
Absolute Blast 16U Gold WA
All American Mizuno 16u Casas CA
Arizona Storm Phillips/Beach AZ
Athletics Mercado Carroll 2023 CA
Athletics-Mercado/Carroll 2024 CA
AZ Hotshots Rodriguez AZ
AZ Hustlers - Hampton AZ
AZ Sidewinders Morales AZ
Bat Company Thiry OR
Bombers Mejia CA
Bownet Sports Academy Ludden CA
Breakers Labs - AJ 06 CA
Breakers Labs Carter CA
BSA Bownet Sports Academy 16u - Shults CA
BSC Bengals Friedrich 16u CA
BSC Bengals - Todoroki CA
CA Breeze 2024 Warren CA
CA Grapettes 06 - Medina CA
CA Grapettes Hollingsworth CA
California Thunder LeVier/Gutierrez CA
Cal Thunder Aceves CA
CenCal Aces CA
Cen Cal Dirtdogs-Close CA
Clovis Rockets-Luna CA
Clutch Up Softball Academy CA
Crossfire Rollins Lamb ID
Desert Thunder - Montiel AZ
DIB Softball 16U CA
E1 Prospects Nuqui CA
Explosion Barnes/Cordova CA
Explosion Flores Blue CA
Explosion-Freeman/Serrano CA
Explosion Lee-Walker/ Penalber CA
Explosion Sanchez CA
Firecracker Leles GOLD- Neal CA
Firecrackers Duarte Vargas CA
Firecrackers Leles- Premier/Brown CA
Firecrackers Leles Veasey CA
I-5 Softball 16u Fitz/Boshae CA
I-5 Softball 16u Snyder/Fitz CA
Lady Dukes CA Watson 16u CA
Lady Kingers Trickel 16A OR
Lady Sharks 16u Burley CA
Lil Rebels Gordie/TC NV
Lil Rebels RC/Marshall 16u UT
LK Black Hawaii HI
LTG Lions 06 Carda/Cat CA
LV Blast NV
Monarchs 16U Gold CA
Nation Softball 16u UT
Nevada Hotshots Gooch 24/25 NV
Nor Cal Blast Romero CA
NorCal Choppers 16u Castaneda/Martinez CA
NW Bullets Muir OR
NW Sidewinders 16U Olsen WA
OC Batbusters 16u Lara/Portesi CA
OC Batbusters - Aldrich CA
OC Strikeforce CA
Ohana Tigers Quarles 16U CA
Oregon Blaze - Conner OR
Oro Valley SunCats-Holland/Judge AZ
Power Surge Fox CA
Power Surge Strandberg CA
San Diego Renegades - Gusman CA
Santa Ana Xtreme CA
So Cal Athletics Aspeitia CA
So Cal Athletics Cameron/Jaquish CO
So Cal Athletics Cooper CA
SoCal Athletics Ditimus/Aylward CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis / Guillenavila 2024 CA
So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Tamai CA
So Cal Athletics - Thomas/Grimm - 16U CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 16U CA
Softball 101-Pagan Black NV
Sorcerer Bigley/Everett 16U CA
Top 9 Sports 16U CA
USA Athletics Turner UT
Utah Avalanche- Sky UT
Utah Fastpitch Club 2024/2025 UT
Utah Heat 06/07 UT
Valor-shope-pesaniello16u CA
WildCats Berouty/DelCampo CA
Wildcats Holcomb/Knight 16U CA
Wildcats Laufou/Hunter CA

Approved Teams

Team State
AASA Camarena CA
All American Mizuno CA
Arizona Storm Premier Hamel 2026 AZ
AZ Hustlers - Norris AZ
Bat Company OR
BSC Bengals Briggs CA
BSC Bengals Greene CA
California Riptide CA
Cal Nuggets 14U Woods CA
Chicago Cheetahs Connolly IL
Clutch Up Softball Academy CA
Corona Angels Texas TX
Elite IX CA
Explosion-Freeman/Hagberg CA
Firecrackers Redmond CA
I-5 Softball Snyder/Campbell CA
I-5 Ventura Banbrook/Shea 08 CA
I-5 Ventura-Delgado 07' CA
Lil Rebels Vern/Koenig 14U NV
Lil Rebels Vern Melton NV
MCLV Elite Young NV
Monarchs 2025 Gold CA
Monarchs 2026 Blanco CA
Mountain West Fastpitch UT
NW Bullets 14u- Campbell OR
NW Grapettes Parker WA
NW Vandals Oliver OR
Ohana Tigers Quarles 14U CA
Oregon Blaze 14U - Boynay OR
PS33 Academy 14u-Archie CA
Scorpions Fastpitch Wackowski NV
Scrappers Fastpitch - Kennelly AZ
So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Guillenavila 2025 CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 13U CA
So Cal ChoppersFausett 14U CA
SoCal Choppers Gurule CA
Sorcerer 14U Yoder CA
ThunderCats NXT AZ
Top 9 Sports 14U CA
USA Athletics Mora CA
USA Athletics RML 2025 CA
USA Athletics Rogers/Mathis CA
Utah Heat 08 UT
Vegas Power NV
Vegas Valkyries 14 NV
Victory USA CA
Wildcats Berouty/Roman CA

Approved Teams

No teams to display


Pending Teams

Team State
AASA-Cooksey 09 CA
AASA-Cooksey 12U CA
Arizona Sand Snakes AZ
Arizona Storm - Todd AZ
Athletics Mercado 2K7 TX
Breakers Labs 14U - Guzman CA
Case Batbusters CA
Cen Cal Blast CA
Colorado Styxx CO
Diamond Club Dynamite MO
DIrtdogs-Vazquez CA
Insanity Fastpitch AZ
L'il Saints Kaddatz AZ
Nevada Impact NV
NJ Inferno NJ
NorCal Bandits CA
NV Ruthless Peralta NV
Punishers AZ
Redemption Victoria/Gonzalez CA
Royals 04 Romero AZ
Royals Camacho AZ
Salinas Storm 16U King CA
Team Hustle 07 - LaDrigue AZ
Team Hustle 08 - LaDrigue AZ
Utah Fastpitch Club-Kemp UT
Utah Thunder UT